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Struggling to learn SEO? This structured SEO course provides you with every resource you need to become a well-educated SEO professional.

My SEO Program made simple to help you learn how the various elements of SEO (like content, promotion, and branding) tie together. And the SEO best practices learned in this online SEO course can move your resume to the top of the pile. 

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Quality That Counts!

This Online SEO course teaches more than just SEO learning – experience my entire SEO program offering today!

Get Online Buddy prioritizes quality knowledge sharing above all else. I see and treat you with the same importance as my SEO clients.

Although Get Online Buddy brand is relatively new – I have 5 years of experience with the wealth of SEO knowledge. Call me anytime to chat to learn and run your SEO campaigns successfully.

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The Advanced SEO Training – Made Simple!

The benefits of this “Advanced SEO training course” will help you to optimize the website easily and faster and with confidence. 

This advanced online SEO training course contains hours of video walkthroughs, where you can learn SEO fast at your own pace. 

Instead of sitting in rows of desks with me in a classroom learning SEO, you should be able to develop SEO skills and explore knowledge whenever and wherever is best for you.

This online classroom is filled more with practical SEO than theoretical SEO – preferring quality over quantity. That’s what is best to rank any website in the most cost-effective way.

My SEO program is affordable when compared to other physical classroom SEO programs. I believe in fair pricing but without compromising on quality.

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Leverage your SEO Career with the best SEO course

SEO is not about a job or career, it is a combination of multiple skills and tactics to optimize a website to bring the ultimate rankings and traffic. 

The demand for SEO professionals is growing due to an increase in digital awareness, growing digital competitions and increased usage of internet and mobile users across the globe. 

I have used various SEO tools to strategize SEO campaigns and have experience in implementing the best white hat SEO practices. If you have a friend who has learned SEO in the past or recently, you can easily see the difference in the SEO knowledge you consume in this online course.

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My Personal Guarantee!

The only thing I want out of this SEO teaching and that’s for you to succeed. It’s my only goal. I will work day and night to get you the results you deserve. And I am not doing this as a cash grab (like most other SEO training courses). The only thing I care about is the long term relationship and helping you achieve the desired results. 

If you are unsatisfied with my SEO program, I will work along with you until you are happy. This SEO course is designed to help you achieve your desired goals.

You have nothing to lose, when you are with me!

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Why Learn SEO With Me!

SEO has always been one of the most important factors in Google Rankings. If you are running a website and if it is not visible on Google, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

An experienced SEO trainer online can use various SEO marketing strategies, techniques and keyword tools  to optimize your website to rank higher in the search engines and grow your business online. But keep in mind, that Search Engine Optimization or SEO takes time. You could rank higher for your keywords after a certain period of time only.

This SEO training will give you step – by – step guide from SEO audit to link building. Generally, it is recommended to work on On – Site and Technical factors before moving on to off – Page SEO activities.

Below are some of the concepts that this SEO training can help you accomplish:

  1. Brand Awareness: Increase visibility of your websites in Google. Increase brand name searches and get recognized by your potential customers.
  2. Website Ranking: Increase your ranking on search engines by optimizing your website for On – Page SEO, Technical SEO and Off – Page SEO factors and improve ranking for your important keywords.
  3. Content Marketing: Help your customers who are searching for useful information by using content marketing. A brand should be present everywhere, where their customers are.
  4. Lead Generation: Generate quality leads with SEO and convert them with compelling offers and products. Lead generation can only be successful if you done previous listed tasks properly.


It is great working with Arjunan, and he is one of the best SEO Specialist and a good mentors. He is dedicated to the work and is always ready to help or clarify any doubts. He is self-motivated and keen on his work responsibility and has a very positive attitude towards work. Also, he is a very lovely human being.
— Reshma, SEO COnsultant
A professional seo specialist who loves his work and has a friendly relationship with all his team mates and help them to solve difficult issues there are facing in SEO field.
— Akhil Bodapathi, SEO Analyst
I’ve been working with Arjunan along side for an year. In this year I have seen his professional skills and analysing skills. I recommend his for those who are looking for the SEO professionals to improve your business.
— Anilkumar Dasari, SEO Specialist
Arjunan is a very dedicated professional, he has been into this industry from past few years, and continuously shared his contribution towards the Organisation’s growth from his quality work. He is very dedicated towards his work and spends most of his time in figuring out solutions to the result. I would recommend this person, as he’s having a wide range of informative experience about his profession, which would be definitely helping our company growth.
— Anjana Singh, UI/UX Designer

My Signature 7 Step SEO Audit Training for Better Ranking and Traffic!

How SEO Agencies do SEO Audit:

The SEO audits are intense and designed to reveal all information about your SEO campaign. Here is how to do it:

  1. Audit Your Keyword Strategy: In this Audit Module, helps you to analyze your current set of keywords, find new keywords list, prioritize your keyword list, Keyword Groupings, and finally categorize it based on search intent.
  2. Audit Your Competitors: In this module, we focus on competitions keyword analysis and we then analyze your competitors to help you prioritize what keywords you should target. Then, we analyze your competitors on a deeper level to extract keyword ideas, content angles, and backlink opportunities.
  3. Audit Your Technical Performance: Having a strong technically-optimized website is critical to the long-term success of your SEO campaign. In this module we learn how to use a variety of tools to identify both high-impact and low-impact technical issues that may be holding your website back and hurting User Experience (UX).
  4. Audit Your Site Architecture: In this module, we will focus on how a well structured website can help your website in better crawlability and indexability and help grow your site’s authority. That means you can rank with less backlinks. We audit your existing architecture and will map out a more effective one if deemed necessary.
  5.  Audit Your SEO Content Strategy: “SEO Content” refers to any keyword targeted page on your website.  In this module, you will learn how to analyze keyword targeted pages and how to improve it even further for better traffic and ranking.
  6.  Audit Your Backlink Strategy: Backlinks are the second most ranking factor. In this module, you will learn how to audit your backlinks and clean your bad backlinks and find new ones.
  7. Give You a Detailed Action Roadmap: In this module, you will learn how to present all the analysis in nice format that your client will pay you without any questions.

My SEO Course is Results Focused!


I know clients care ultimately about results and ease.  I prepare you to handle the SEO clients.

Additionally Get Online Buddy provides you with full downloadable SEO reporting templates – great for SEO professionals and SEO Freelancers and website owners alike.  Learning with me helps you understand how SEO agencies works (I will teach you their SEO Ranking and traffic secrets) available to you without the cost.

With US professional writers with multi industry experience and high quality placements from manual outreach, we offer tremendous value! This is what keeps our clients coming back for more.

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