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Arjunan SEO Expert

SEO is my passion


Do you wish to become the best SEO Expert in the Industry? Want to learn the tricks that the Industry’s best SEO consultant’s hide from you?

You’ve come to the right place.

Practice Makes Perfect

SEO Specialist.

Arjunan helps many budding SEO learners, like you, who want to be an SEO expert and climb the ladder from junior SEO specialist to senior SEO specialist to SEO manager in the most prominent SEO agencies like Bruce Clay or Neil Patel Digital in the country.

Understanding the duties of SEO specialists and their work routines will put you in the right growth path. And I, as an SEO expert, will help you transform and envisage your long-desired goal.

With a crush on SEO and having been in the game of Search Engine Optimization for more than 5 years already, you might consider me an expert. At least this is what people call me. Honestly, I HATE that term.

core values

Every student requires a mission plan in order to be success. I am dedicated to instilling our values into every aspect of our service:

Purpose of work

Most valuable work we do comes from focusing on priorities & providing helpful feedback to students, and collaborating with positive intentions.


Success can be achieved with the people having single-minded focus required to do whatever it takes. We are proactive and resourceful so that our students can reach their goals.

Take Care

I strive to care for our students through being considerate of the needs, goals, and boundaries of all, weaving empathy and teachings into every action and intention.


I strive to give you constant support. If you have any questions just send an email to arjunan@getonlinebuddy.com and I will be happy to help you out.

What GetOnlineBuddy is all about?

If you have ever wondered: “Where can I find actionable SEO expert training that gets results, jobs and improvises your career to an SEO expert?”, you are in the right place.

GetOnlineBuddy is where SEO learners turn for proven SEO expert training that helps them to climb the ladder and become the best SEO specialist.

My actionable SEO expert training is why many businesses from Finance, CBD, Travel, Technology niches get the consulting and optimizes their websites for better SERP traffic and ranking and subscribed to my weekly email newsletter.

And my result-oriented SEO expert training is likely why my student Lavanya Mohan said: “Arjunan knows SEO because he is living by it every day. He knows what he is teaching and how those teaching will help the people who want to learn SEO and become SEO experts.”

Increase in organic traffic by 51.55%
 Increase in organic sessions by 5,044 / day
Increased number of clicks 15,144

My Skills

I teach SEO campaigns for individuals, big & small companies, corporate training; Youtube SEO, Blogging, and ASO.

Sometimes I even help companies to run SEO Campaigns to improve their organic traffic, Conversion Rate Optimization, drive more leads, drive a lot of traffic to the website, and improve their ROI on their  Marketing Investments.

Using time tested and proven SEO strategy is the only way to achieve consistent results.

In fact in this SEO case study will show you how:

This simple 4 step SEO strategy ( time tested and proven) I’m going to show you in this case study is what I used to achieve 186% more organic search traffic in one month for a coding school website

I’m mentioning this difference to point out that you don’t have to practice SEO as a profession to become an SEO expert.


SEO has existed for less than two decades, but it is one that has driven a huge influx of jobs which marketers and men and women from nearly every industry have created careers in.

And many has quit their usual jobs and made a decent career  in SEO.

our students to be ready

At the GetOnlineBuddy, I have made it my mission to transform the skills and knowledge of SEO Professional on a global scale. There are three core reasons for this.

The first is to advance the careers of SEO Specialist, the second is to address the SEO skills shortage to ensure businesses have a capable and agile workforce. And lastly, to provide educators with professional certifications that can nurture future generations. 

our students for the future

My job is to equip you with the up-to-date knowledge you need to thrive in a rapidly growing and ever-changing SEO industry. That’s why I work hard to keep your course content fresh, structured and current.

The Learning Platform will guide you through your learning experience, providing you with the industry updates and advice. The Q&A forum helps you to connect with other students to share and ask questions and get feedback.

asked questions

Everything you need to know about learning SEO, connecting with the hive mind of SEO via the Membership portal, building a Bulletproof SEO career with lasting Accreditation, how to dominate SEO and more.

SEO is the series of methods and practices to increase the quality traffic and leads to your website through organic search engine results. It is a structured methodology  of ensuring a website can be found by search engines and ranked highly for a keyphrase.

I firmly believe in and stand behind my teachings 100%. But I understand that sometimes they’re not the best fit for everyone. If you are unhappy with your purchase, I will gladly refund your money. 

Reach out to us within 30 days of purchase. My main goal here is to build a thriving SEO community. If you are not happy with the SEO lessons taught or are not enjoying the learning experience, then I have no interest in forcing you to use it. Plus, if I can, I will do our best to guide you in the right direction, that fits you and your business better.

Anyone can apply for the SEO Expert Certificate.

No related background in a related discipline is  required however, I do recommend to have basic knowledge on “How Search Engines Work.” The aim of this online become an SEO expert course course is to allow you to learn everything you need to know about SEO; and to kickstart a new and exciting career. You may be a business owner looking to take your SEO to the next level or you may be someone looking for a change of career. The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in a Search Engine Optimization certification.

This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. However, I provide Live Sessions and Q&A sessions online on every 15 days once. Where I provide Assignments to work on or for practice.

By earning SEO certification, you will:

– Understand the key concepts of SEO, how it has changed search behavior and the implications for your role and the wider business. 

– Achieve business goals by understanding how to devise, implement and measure SEO campaigns that engage and convert. 

– Understand the importance of SEO campaigns and strategies and know how to use SEO online and offline, content, to drive customer engagement.

The SEO certification  is approximately 30+-hours of SEO course content. Certified SEO Professional Course is delivered online. You can access your SEO course content wherever and whenever you want.

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SEO is critical to the success of any online business, so how do you start building your own authority as an expert in this field?


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