What is Domain Authority? | Best Ways to Increase Moz Domain Authority

A blueprint to increase your Domain Authority!

Are you a blogger and checking for the best ways to increase Domain Authority? Don’t worry, here we have given the clear picture of Moz Domain Authority and the best practices for improving the DA Score in order to attain ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). So, go through the complete article and plan an SEO strategy to increase your domain authority score.

What is Moz Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is nothing but the search engine ranking score developed by Moz. It shows the ranking of the website on SERPs i.e., Search Engine Result Pages. Moz Domain Authority (DA) ranges from 1 to 100 points on a logarithmic scale. Greater the Moz Domain Authority Score, your website will attain the potential to rank better in the SEO results. Most of the people have a doubt in their mind that is how to Check Domain Authority. You can verify DA by using Moz Domain Authority Checker. Have a glance at the below sections to know about How.

What is a Good Domain Authority?

Good Domain Authority depends on various aspects such as how big your site is, how long it is active, how many external links it has, etc. Also, Moz Domain Authority will be considered as good when DA is close to 100. Usually, Domain Authority is average when it ranges between 40 and 50 and good when it lies between 50 and 60. DA over 60 is considered as excellent. Practically, it will be very easy to grow the Website Authority score from 20 to 30 than from 70 to 80.  Higher the domain authority, you will have good search engine ranking and web traffic.  Using Domain Authority, you can check your SEO ranking by comparing it with other competitor websites.

Domain Authority Vs Page Authority

Most of the people have some confusion about the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority. As discussed above, DA measures the ranking of the entire domain or website on SERPs while Page Authority measures the SEO ranking of a single web page. Now have a look at the below sections to know How to Check Domain Authority on Moz and the best ways to increase Domain Authority.

Increase your Domain Authority

How to Check Domain Authority?

Most people have a question in their mind i.e., How do I Check Domain Authority? We have many Domain Authority Checker tools and by using them one can calculate their Domain Authority very easily.

  • Open “https://www.checkmoz.com”.
  • Now enter your URL/Domain Name.
  • You can check 10 domains at once.
  • Once you enter the URL in the empty field, click on the submit option.
  • Then, you will get the results on the screen.
  • It shows Domain Authority Moz, Page Authority, Alexa Rank, Moz Rank, Google Search Engine Indexing, IP address.

By using the Domain Authority Checker tool, you can do the following things:

  • Compare your domain authority score with other competitor websites.
  • Able to plan an SEO strategy for your website in upcoming months.
  • Easy to spot a good niche and acquire backlinks for your webpage/website.

How Does Moz Calculate Domain Authority?

Now, let us see what are the metrics that Moz calculates Domain Authority. Usually,  DA calculation is based on 40 factors but the most important factors are given below.

  • Link profile
  • Moz Rank (Moz’s version of Google’s Page Rank)
  • Moz Trust (measures the “trustworthiness” of a linking domain)

Linking Root Domains: The foremost factor for calculating DA is Link Audit. Google likes a good and healthy link profile. Hence, your website should have unique backlinks then only your site will be considered as a trustworthy. It’s better to get a few backlinks from different websites than more backlinks from the same website. Moreover, if your website has backlinks from high authority sites, they drive both the Page Authority and Domain Authority to high. Try to avoid the spam links and also irrelevant links. Let’s have a look at the below image that contains the Google prohibited links.

Moz Domain Authority

Moz Rank: It is the metric used to verify the quality of the links that contain in your site. Moz Rank will be calculated on a 0-10 scale. The average Moz Rank for a website is 3. One healthy and quality external link is more worthy than two low-quality links. Moz Trust: Another factor that determines the Moz Domain Authority is Moz Trust. It checks how close your site is related to trusted websites which include .edu and .gov sites. Like Moz Rank, it is also rated on a 0-10 scale. Along with these factors, Google announced a few more domain authority ranking factors. We have listed those factors below.

  • On-Page SEO/Keywords
  • Internal Link Anchor Text
  • Site Traffic
  • Strength of External Links
  • Site Bounce-Rate
  • Social Search
  • Google Indexing

Alexa Rank: To get high popularity to your website, the Alexa rank should be lower. Alexa is the online website ranking system that considers the website traffic for calculating the Alexa rank.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Just you know that what is Good Domain Authority and how to check DA. Now, Let’s have a look at the following sections for getting a clear picture of How to Improve Domain Authority. There are several ways to increase the Moz Domain Authority.

  1. Publish Good Quality Content.
  2. Improve On-Page SEO.
  3. Google Indexing.
  4. Make your Website Mobile Friendly.
  5. Internal Links.
  6. Promote your page through Social Media.
  7. Increase Loading Speed of your Web Pages.

Let us see the tips for increasing Domain strength in detail here.

Publish Good Quality Content:

Firstly, you have to write the content relevant to your title. Make sure your content contains all the information that the user needs. If the content is not good and inappropriate to the title, no one will visit your site which results in low traffic and the Bounce rate will be high which results in low rankings on SERPs. Content should be simple and understandable to every user. Inserting images, Infographics and videos will add extra benefit for gaining user traffic, social shares, and backlinks. Optimize your content with long-tail keywords and Google Suggestions. We have several tools for Keyword Research. Use those tools and put all the keywords in your content naturally and it should not be like keyword dumping. Buying links will have a negative impact on your domain. Also, using automated programs that create backlinks to your site can affect your page negatively.

Improve On-Page SEO:

Page Authority plays a key role in increasing Domain Authority. Hence, attaining the PA for all the pages on your website gives a positive effect on the strength of your website. So, follow the below key aspects for improving the domain authority.

  • Page Titles and Meta tags must be relevant to the content.
  • Make sure that H1 and H2 tags contain a target keyword or not.
  • Check Images and Videos contains alt tags and descriptions or not.
  • Links must be given to the relevant content.
  • Content should be understandable to the user and the quality of content is very important.
  • Try to focus on the long term content over 1500 words then you have an advantage when it comes to SERPs.
  • Site speed must be fast because slow speed results in bad user experience. Hence use Content Delivery Network to increase the site speed.

Google Indexing:

Google Indexing is nothing but adding websites and webpages to the Google search. When this tool says Yes, your webpages will be crawled by Google Bots or if it says No, your webpages are not indexed.

Make your Website Mobile Friendly:

For the best user experience, make sure your website is mobile-friendly or not. It adds benefit to the overall Moz Domain Authority Score. Based on Search Engine Land, 60% of the searches are through mobile-only. Perform mobile keyword research and focus on issues like site navigation, site speed, etc.

Internal Linking:

Internal links can help users to find the related content and also makes the user spent more time on your web page. Then, the search engine will index your site faster. To improve the On-page internal linking structure, follow the below guidelines.

  • If you create more contents,  you can give more internal links.
  • Use Anchor text naturally in your content.
  • Avoid linking a single page many times.
  • Conduct a Link Audit to Improve Domain Authority

Links play a major role in SEO ranking. If your website has unhealthy backlinks, it will result in poor domain authority. Hence, performing link audit is recommended in order to plot and remove the unnecessary backlinks. Follow the proper link schemes like

  • Selling or Buying Links.
  • Guest Posting with anchor text titles.
  • Excessive link exchanges.

We have several tools to conduct a link audit such as SEMrush Backlink Tool, Majestic Tool, Ahref, etc. After performing the link audit, remove all the unwanted links from your page.

Promote your page through Social Media:

Nowadays, Social Media has become very popular for sharing information, ideas, etc. When it comes to SEO, social signals are also a leading ranking factor. Hence, promote your content in social media. You will get a huge number of followers, shares, comments on your post. You can also use the social media buttons directly on your webpage.

Increase Loading Speed of your Web Pages:

The poor loading speed of your webpage leads to a greater bounce rate. Most users have little patience and hence not able to wait on the page for a long time. You can check the website’s loading speed by using the PageSpeed tool provided by Google Developers. You can analyze the speed of your website and also verify some ways to make your site faster for increasing user experience.

New Domain Authority Update 2.0

Recently,  Moz has just announced an update called Domain Authority 2.0 promising those search marketers, SEO professionals can able to find their domain score to rank in SERP results. The major SEO factors of the Moz Domain Authority 2.0 includes the following:

  • Link Quality Patterns.
  • Spam Score
  • A machine-learned model that is designed to work with Google’s algorithm updates and compare with search engine results.

After this new Moz Domain Authority 2.0 update, bloggers will see a drastic change in their website as new domain authority will consider the quantity and also the quality of links pointing to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Domain Authority

How to get more Backlinks? There are three important backlink aspects that you can use for improving your domain authority.

  • Place Infographics with complete information on your webpage.
  • Guest Blogging: Allow others to write posts on your blog.

What is Dwell Time? Dwell time is nothing but the time that the user spent on your site. It is an SEO metric used to measure the click-through rate and bounce rate. If your website has higher Dwell time then your domain authority will be high. You can increase Dwell time by following some strategies like:

  • Providing internal and external links.
  • Make sure to open external links in a new tab.
  • Display related posts under every post.
  • Create a blog with large content.

Where can I check Google Penalties and their effect on Domain Authority? Google Penalties have a great effect on Domain Authority. Usually, Google Penalties are of two types.

  1. Algorithmic penalty – When Google makes any changes to algorithm then this penalty occurs.
  2. Manual review penalty – It was triggered by an Algorithmic penalty.

You can verify the Google Penalties by using the following tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Moz Rank Tracker
  • SEOsitecheckup.com
  • Google Search Console
  • Search Metrics

Domain Authority by Moz, predicts the search engine ranking score of your site. So, verify your website Domain Authority score by using the specified tools on this page. Also, make use of the mentioned tips and plan an SEO strategy accordingly to increase Domain Authority. As we know DA calculates on a logarithmic scale, it is easy to improve your score from 30 to 40 when compared to score from 70 to 80. You must have patience because it takes some time to improve your Page Authority and Domain Authority score. Hope this article helps you to improve your website ranking.